Smart Home Security: What is it and why should I have it?

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Smart Home Security: What is it and why should I have it?

Have you heard the buzz? Smart home security lets you keep your home and family's safety at your fingertips. Find out why this modern approach to security might be right for your family. 

Picture Your Home with Smart Security

Last week, we explored the implications of smart home security for communities. Before we dive further into this topic, let's take a step back and investigate how smart home automation provides a comprehensive system for individual homeowners. 


What is a smart home security system?

A smart home system often has a central control base that allows you to manage your security via your smart phone. This system, which you install and control, puts home security at your fingertips. Homeowners can customize the security system to match their unique lifestyle, technological literacy and expectations. 

Most smart security systems are sold as kits with all the necessary pieces you need to get started right away in your home. The kit components will be configured to work together and are wirelessly connected and powered.  

The possibilities are endless! Features of your home such as appliances, locks, sliding doors, security system, lights, pet feeder, home comfort systems, and more can be connected together to act as a single system. Smart home automation will give you the power to remotely control everything in your home. Wouldn't it be cool to be able to turn off your lights while you’re at work, or unlock the door for your forgetful teenager? A connected home allows you the freedom to monitor it 24 hours a day, making you the first to know about security threats.

Factors to consider when choosing a home security system

Smart home security systems are now widely available for both indoor and outdoor use, depending on what you want to monitor, power and mounting limitations and your comfort level with installation. So, what are all the questions you need to answer before purchasing a system? Best Buy Canada’s Smart Home Security Buying Guide identifies five top questions to consider:

1. Indoor or outdoor?

Depending on your needs, this question can be easily answered. While their functionality may be very similar, outdoor and indoor cameras are constructed differently - after all, one has to withstand the elements and the other doesn’t! There is also the option of purchasing a system that works both indoors and outdoors, offering you the greatest flexibility.

2. Power source?

Once you have located a desired spot to install the security cameras, you need to determine available sources of power. Is there a plug nearby or the option to hardwire the cameras? Or do you want to use a battery-operated system?

3. Information storage?

Most smart security systems store your images and video on the cloud. Some may use an SD memory card, but the cloud system offers the greatest flexibility and functionality. Depending on the brand and system you choose, you may be required to purchase a monthly storage plan.

4. Placement?

To answer this, think about your intent for the security camera. Are you trying to keep an eye on your driveway and front door? If so, plan to set up the camera in a place that has a clear view of this area and is free from obstructions such as branches or patio furniture.

5. Installation?

Installation is only getting easier! You often only need a power source, a clear view and your smartphone. Most smart home security systems can be self-installed, but in case you run into trouble, most manufacturers offer a helpline for customers. 

Why should I use a smart security system?

Whether you are looking to upgrade your security system from your dog being your primary source of alarm, or you want to add more functionality to your already tech-friendly home, a smart security system is meant to provide you more peace of mind. Because you are being proactive, having a home security system may even lower your home insurance premiums. Smart security systems offer real-time alerts, live-stream access and the ability to mitigate your risk of damage from a burglar or fire.

Would you want a system that could shut off your furnace when it detected higher than normal carbon monoxide levels? Or to alert your neighbour as an emergency contact if your window alarm is triggered? What about if your security cameras have footage of the burglar who stole your neighbour's car, helping police to identify the suspect? 

Your smart security system has the ability to protect not only your property and family, but also your neighbours and your entire community. Your community can foster an even stronger support system when everyone is monitoring and remotely connected to their homes. 

Stay tuned for more about smart home technology and community safety! 

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