Smart Home Security: It’s good for your whole community

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Smart Home Security: It’s good for your whole community

Neighbours are using smart home technology to create a shared security network that operates in real time. Learn more about this technology and its application for caring communities! 

A Modern-Day Neighbourhood Watch

It’s important to have people you trust looking out for you. In communities, neighbours have always been willing to step up and help each other out. You can trust that your neighbour will alert you to a strange person or vehicle anywhere near your home, barn, or cars.

With the emergence and popularity of smart home monitoring tools, neighbours can create even stronger support systems. We all know that a dog barking at something in the night is a likely deterrent of crime. If you're set on having your dog be a part of your security plan, consider making his or her job a little easier by also installing a home security system. The addition of a few smart home technologies can help you to protect your whole neighbourhood.

Did you know that criminals who target homes often commit a series of break-ins around a town or neighborhood? This can continue until the criminal is scared away or apprehended. Your smart home security system makes your whole street, and your community, safer from crime.

What is a smart home security system?

A traditional security system, as you may be aware, involves a security company monitoring your home for you. A technician will come into your home and install the necessary hardwire and landlines. You are then charged a fee to alert you to security threats.

A smart home security system, in contrast, is fully installed and controlled by the homeowner. Everything is wirelessly connected and powered. You can configure instant updates to go right to your mobile phone, allowing you to respond in real time to potential security threats.

Most smart security systems are sold as kits with all the necessary pieces you need to get started right away in your home. The kit components will be configured to work together with minimal effort on your part. Keep in mind, however, that you may want additional components such as extra window or door sensors, cameras, or control bases, depending on your needs.

Smart home automation will give you the power to remotely control everything in your home! This includes your security cameras as well as your lighting, appliances, and home comfort systems. As an individual homeowner, this gives you the power to keep in touch with your home, yard, family, or pets when you’re away. For a community, it can offer detailed and real-time information so that neighbours can best help their neighbours.

How security systems are helping neighbours protect each other

I’m sure you’re familiar with the traditional security system – a technician comes to your home, installs a big box, hooks into your landline and charges fees to alert you. A smart home security system is the complete opposite – it is often fully install-able by you, wireless and will send instant updates right to your mobile phone so you can respond in real time. No more annoying false alarm calls to local police!

Your smart home security system is working all the time. You can customize it to your specific schedule. When an emergency occurs, your home security system will alert you of the activity. This feature safeguards you from walking into a dangerous situation. It also lets you easily identify a false alarm, by accessing a live stream from your cameras.

You can set up your smart security system to support your neighbours’ efforts in watching your home, and you watching theirs. Say that you are away on vacation for several weeks - the smart home technology can alert your neighbours of any suspicious activity during this time period. What if your neighbours work nights and just want an extra set of eyes and ears on their security alerts? How convenient is that? 

Sharing information in a neighbourhood watch program is something we have always done. You can now use your smart monitoring system to improve the quality of this information. Video footage of a burglar, captured by a smart security camera, is an excellent resource for local police. It could help to speed up their identification, resulting in fewer incidents.

Smart home technology gives neighbours the infrastructure needed to stay connected in real time and quickly share potential safety threats. This modern-day neighbourhood watch is part of a grassroots movement happening in a lot of Ontario communities.

Stay tuned for more about smart home technology and community safety! 

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We will be also be sharing more information on the exciting technologies and real-life stories that smart home technology offers. Stay in touch on our Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram in the coming weeks!

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