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Do you need to make a claim? Or do you have questions about a potential claim situation? There are a few ways to contact your experienced McConville Omni broker!

For emergency after-hours assistance, call the after-hours line. If your claim is not urgent, or it is during business hours, you can send us an email using the contact forms below or call your local office. We are here to guide you through the claims process!

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Claims Questions & Answers

Here are a few FAQs about the claims process:

  • What is an insurance claim?

    An insurance claim comes only after you have suffered a loss or damage to an item that you have an insurance policy for. Some examples include a car accident, a house fire, a burst water pipe or a slip and fall. When you file an insurance claim, you are requesting financial coverage or compensation from your insurance company for a covered loss. Your insurance company will validate the claim, and once approved, they determine and deliver the compensation.

  • What is an emergency, after-hours claim?

    Claims don’t always happen during business hours. If you experience a loss event during the night, on the weekend or over a holiday, our team will be there to walk you through your options. An event such as a fire, flood, severe weather damage, or significant car accident (among others) would qualify as an emergency.

  • What documents should I have ready for when I speak to my broker?

    It is helpful to have your insurance policy number handy when you get in touch, and there are a few ways to access it. If you have the McConville Omni app downloaded, you can access your policy documents there, or maybe you have them stored in your email or in your files. If your claim is for your auto policy, your policy number can be found on your “Pink Slip”.

    However, we know that this might not always be accessible. That’s okay! Call or email us and we will access the appropriate information to help you out, right away!

    Depending on your unique claim situation, we may require some additional documents such as damage estimates, police reports or photos. Having these handy are a great idea.

  • Should I do any repairs to the damage, myself?

    If there is something you can do to prevent further damage right away, then yes, you should absolutely take action. For example, putting up a tarp over an exposed window or beginning to remove water from a flood. Doing whatever you can to mitigate the damage is both a good idea, and a requirement of your property policy!


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