Family-owned Donohue Funeral Home finds peace of mind with insurance from McConville Omni

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Donohue Funeral Home, is a London-based business that has been operating since 1930, and has been a McConville Omni client for over 40 years.

  • Our family business has been with McConville Omni spanning multiple generations. Working with Dave Wallace and his team, we have a secure sense of peace knowing that when an insurance issue arises it will be seamless in how it is handled.
    - John Donohue, Manager & Funeral Director

Trust That Stands The Test of Time

Donohue Funeral Home offers London residents personalized services that support families in a vulnerable time. It's a 3rd generation family owned and operated independent funeral home. Over the years, the business has grown... moved... and renovated a few times, but it's always remained true to its roots.

The McConville Omni team has been through it all with Donohue Funeral Home and is privileged to protect both John’s business and also his personal property. As Commercial Account Manager Dave Wallace (shown at right) says: "It's our job to personalize John’s coverage to ensure that his business can operate seamlessly. It's a responsbility we take seriously... and have for over 40 years."

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