What can I do to be confident my business computers are secure?

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What can I do to be confident my business computers are secure?

From client data, to important operations software, your business likely relies on computers to run. Ensuring your hardware is protected will protect you against downtime and potential losses.

Tips for Protecting Business Computers

Computers have become integral to the modern business. They can house critical client information, business operations software and represent a huge investment. Here are a couple of tips for preventing downtime and data loss that might be a result of a lack of computer security.

  • Clamp or lock PCs to desks/work stations.
  • Security kits are available at nominal cost.
  • Backup data and programs on a regular basis and store them offsite in a secure location.
  • Laptop computers are portable and easy targets for theft. Do not leave them unsecured or unattended.
  • Maintain records of serial numbers for all of your computer equipment.
  • Invest in reputable anti-virus software.
  • Regularly maintain your password database.
  • Invest some time and money in spam filtering for e-mails.

Insuring Your Business Computers

Even with taking these steps to protect your business computers, you will still required insurance in case of a loss or other issue. The coverage recommended for your business will take into considerations such as data storage/recovery, number and type of computers, etc.

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