High Stimulation Toys Donated for Special Needs Children

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High Stimulation Toys Donated for Special Needs Children

There are many different ways to learn. There are visual learners, auditory, kinesthetic, readers/writers and many people learn in a variety of different ways. As children, we are just discovering the best ways for us to learn through our home lives, school and the world around us. A kinesthetic learner learning the letters of the alphabet, may prefer to fish for magnetic letters in a game, rather than trying to read and write them. Maybe it’s better to walk across a piano mat to discover counting. Maybe colorful, sensory fidget toys would help to calm your nerves and focus before tackling a challenging problem. However we may do so, learning is essential for everyone! Unfortunately, the proper tools to do so are not always available to everyone.

As a result of the pandemic, parents have been having a hard time getting the high stimulation toys needed for their special needs children to thrive in their education. Having access to toys like this is so important for these children and they deserve equal opportunity to succeed.

We heard of this need in our community and decided to help. In May, we hand-picked and donated $500 worth of these toys to the London District Catholic School Board to enhance their programming for their students. These colourful, textile, magnetic, musical, problem-solving toys can really make a dramatic difference in a child’s learning experience and bring countless smiles to many faces; this year and in years to come!

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