3 Tips To Avoid Getting Melting Snow In Your Home

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3 Tips To Avoid Getting Melting Snow In Your Home

As we enter into freeze-thaw season here in South Western Ontario, it's important to know how to protect your home from water that is trying to get in. Here's a few tips for how to reduce your risk. 

De-Ice your eaves troughs 

With our fluctuating temperatures, there's a good chance that the water in your eaves troughs could be frozen. This means that if a lot of the snow on your roof melts at once, the troughs can't do their job and the water is just going to go over the side. There are permanent de-ice solutions, but you can purchase dissolvable ice melters from any store that sells home supplies, such as Rona.

Clear the snow from your window wells 

Snow that is sitting in your basement window wells is just patiently waiting to be let in. Think about it - that snow has nowhere to go, other than right down the side of your foundation. Grab a shovel and simply remove it from the well to help reduce this risk. In the spring, it might be a good idea to add a small drain to your well, that will remove water quickly and deposit it further away from your foundation. 

Add an extension on your downspout 

When the water from your eaves troughs is deposited right at the foot of your foundation, the chances that it will work it's way into your basement increase. An easy way to help avoid this is to add an extension. It is just a plastic pipe that fits to the end of your downspout, and moves the water that much further from the base of your house. 6ft is good, 10ft is even better! 

If you've kept your extensions on up until this point, now is a good time to just check them to make sure they are clear of debris and are not cracked. 

Experiencing a water claim? 

Don't panic! If it's outside of business hours and you need immediate assistance, please call 1-833-236-7839. If it's inside business hours or not an emergency, you can contact you broker directly by phone or email, email our claims specialist using or call the office to be directed to your broker. 

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