Options for your leisure products this summer - Aviva Canada

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Options for your leisure products this summer - Aviva Canada
Are you thinking about parking your boat, trailer or RV?

This week, Aviva Canada announced that they want to offer a unique option for leisure policy holders, due to the unique circumstances of Covid-19. Each province is reopening slowly, and many parks and campgrounds are either not opening at all, or opening with reduced site numbers and higher restrictions. We get it if you are planning to forego summer camping plans this year! That is why Aviva is introducing the Lifestyle Summer Storage Discount. 

What is a Lifestyle Summer Storage Discount? 

Effective June 15, 2020, Aviva customers with an active boat, trailer or RV insurance policy who are putting their item in storage this summer, will receive a 25% discount.* The unit MUST be in storage for the discount to apply. If the unit is not and a claim occurs, you may not have full coverage and it may affect your claim settlement. So be sure to keep it safely tucked away! 

This discount is significant because "seasonally rated" items such as seasonal cars, motorcycles and leisure products, typically pay more premium during the summer months when they are in use, and less during the winter months when they are not. Having the opportunity to save some premium if your summer plans have been derailed due to Covid-19 is a unique option, and will provide some financial relief during the months where you would typically be paying more for your coverage. 

Who is Eligible? 

Motor homes/ RVs: The vehicle must be stored, and not operated at all. This includes both public and private roads/property. It also cannot be used as shelter or occupied while it is stored. 

Towed Trailers: The unit must be stored, and cannot be towed or operated while stored. It also cannot be used as shelter while it is parked. 

Boats: The unit must be dry-docked and winterized, and remain that way for the duration of the discount.

How to activate the discount? 

This one is easy, talk to your broker! We will work with Aviva to submit your information and activate the discount. After the 60 days or September 8th, the discount will fall off automatically. You don't have to remember to do anything!

 * Discount is applicable for 60 days or until September 8, 2020, whichever is sooner. 

Adding a leisure product to your line-up this summer? 

Since the borders to the US are closed, and provincial and national parks are opening back up again, you may be adding a boat or RV to your roster this summer. These items really are awesome ways to see new places, build new memories and (finally) get out of the house! If you are thinking about, or have already purchased, a new leisure product, we'd love to discuss your options! Not only are we able to set you up with a policy from the Aviva Canada team, we have many different options to help  build a policy that fits your needs! 

Have questions about your leisure product's coverage? Connect with us! 

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