Is it worth putting your windshield replacement through insurance?

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Questions about windshield replacements are one of the most common we get. So lets clear the air!

How does a glass claim work?

Typically, this process begins when an event occurs that causes damage to your windshield. This may be a rock that causes a splinter, you drop your windshield wiper and it causes a crack, or maybe you have a run-in with a bird. You then have a few options! 

1. You can begin by calling your broker and having them put you in contact with a preferred vendor. Your broker will be able to advise you of your options and, with your permission, will start the claim with your insurance company. You are responsible for paying the deductible that is outlined on your policy, and then your insurance company pays the difference of your repair.

2. Another option is going directly to your preferred glass replacement company and getting a quote. With this method, you will likely approve a quote and have the work started right away. The glass-replacement company will then deal directly with your insurance company to file the claim. You still pay the deductible that is outlined on your policy, and then your insurance company pays the difference of your repair.

Where can I find my coverage and deductible on my insurance documents?

A windshield claim is processed under your comprehensive coverage of your auto insurance. This coverage is listed under the “Loss and Damage” section of your policy, where you may have Collision, Comprehensive, both or All Perils coverage. Your deductible is listed to the right of this section. If you do not have comprehensive coverage, you do not have coverage for a windshield repair or replacement. All Perils coverage will provide coverage for a windshield, so your deductible will apply.

You can find this information in your printed policy documents, but you can also easily access it anytime on the McConville Omni Client Portal! Simply log in and you have your pink slips, policy information and claims guidance right away!

Do I lose my claims-free discount for replacing my windshield?

The answer is no! Replacing your windshield helps to maintain the safety and integrity of your car, so insurance companies don’t fault you for replacing your windshield. However, if you have multiple glass-replacement claims over a short time period, your insurance company may raise your deductible.

Do you still have questions about a glass claim? Jeannette can help!

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