5 tips for protecting your idle property

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5 tips for protecting your idle property
Let's protect you together using these protection tips for your vacant business property. 

The State of Emergency declaration in Canada has left businesses in a tough position, and many are not operating as usual, if at all. There are lots of things to think about when it comes to protecting your business, and there's no better way to do that than together.

Unfortunately, businesses in Canada may have to temporarily halt production and close their doors. Here are a list of preventative measures you can take to ensure the safety and security of your property and contents.

5 tips for protecting your vacant business

1. Control the temperature 

It is OK to conserve energy while you leave a property idle but it is important not to reduce the temperature less than 15C as it helps to prevent sprinkler systems and water pipes from freezing or bursting. 

2. Prevent crime and theft   

When properties are left idle there is the exposure of increased crime. If a property is vacant or looks empty, it immediately becomes an easier target to vandals and thieves. To mitigate the risk, businesses should install and ensure that security devises, like locks and alarms, are operational. Maintain appropriate lighting around the facility and especially around all entrances, as it will give an impression someone is overseeing the facility. Remove any  obstructions from access routes to the building and remove any containers, garbage cans or trash. It is also recommended to remove any overgrowth of vegetation and shrubs from surrounding landscape

3. Document, document. document! 

To mitigate the risk of crime or damage, documented visits to the site must be made often. The visitor must have clear instructions on what to observe, and write down any changes or damage. Documenting each and every visit will help to protect you i nthe event of a claim ,by showing that you did everything that you could to keep the property safe. 

4. Conduct regular checks 

Owners and operators of businesses or facilities must make regular visual checks of their property during the temporary shutdown. They should be passing by once a day (if possible) or one a week to make sure everything is fine. Be sure to look inside the property make sure there isn’t any unusual findings including making sure nothing is missing. 

Conduct regular checks of roofs, downspouts and any outdoor drains to ensure everything is properly maintained. If clogged or leaking, these can cause significant damage to your building. To further minimize damage, lock interior doors to increase interior compartmentalization, should vandals gain access or a fire/flood occurs.

5. Access routes 

While access routes to your buildings entrance and emergency exits needs to still be maintained. it may be a good idea, where possible, to block or section off parts of your parking lot. This will prevent vehicles from being able to enter and loiter unobserved. 

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