Flexible Payment Options

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Flexible Payment Options
Gone are the days of cash and signing on the dotted line - here are all the payment options you have that can be contact-free!

We know that this is a really interesting time for all of us. The way we pay our bills, get our groceries, make our coffees and do our work, all look a little different right now! 

With that in mind, the way you handle your insurance payments may be changing too. So, here are all of the ways that you may be able to pay your bill through our team at McConville Omni, with special mention to the options that are available remotely.

Now, its important to note that not all policies can be paid in all methods, nor are all methods accepted by the insurance companies. Your broker will be able to work with you to find the right solution for you! 

What are McConville Omni's payment options? 

Credit Card * 

Paying with your credit card is typically an option, and something we are only able to accept in our offices. However, during these times of practicing social distancing, we are accepting credit card payments over the phone in special circumstances. This is something that you must call your broker to do, and they will confirm whether it is an option for your policy! At this time, we can only accept Visa and Mastercard.

At your financial institution *

If you are a client of TD, CIBC, National Bank, RBC, BMO or Scotiabank - you are able to pay your insurance premiums through your bank! Depending on whether you have a commercial or a personal insurance policy, you will either be paying your insurance company directly, or paying McConville Omni to pay your insurance company. This is something your broker can help navigate!

Through your bank, you can either phone them, use online banking or visit them in person to transact this. You can set up McConville Omni or your insurance company as a "bill" and use your policy number and/or client code as the account number! 

E-Transfer *

Speaking of banks - many of us never go to one since we do all our banking online! E-transfer is a really easy way to send money and to pay your bills electronically, no social distancing required! Depending on your policy (again, which your broker can confirm for you), all you have to do is either set up McConville Omni or your insurance company as a "payee", include your policy number and/or client code and you're good to go! 

Cheque *

Of course, writing a cheque is always an option! Under normal circumstances, you can mail or hand deliver the cheque to our office(s). Right now, you can either mail it, or drop it off in the mailbox located in the lobby of our London office, located at 685 Richmond Street. 

Just be sure to check on your policy and confirm who the cheque is payable to! 

Debit Card 

Whether your policy is a personal or commercial insurance policy, this payment option is available to you! Unfortunately, this option is not available while the office is closed due to covid-19. We do not have a way to process debit cards manually or over the phone. However, under normal circumstances, this is a great, easy and quick option if you are looking to come in for a visit and pay your bill in person! 


Of course, cash is an option for paying your premium. At this time, our offices are closed, so we are unable to process cash transactions. However, there are lots of great digital options! Give us a call or send us an email if you need assistance with another payment method. 

Great options for getting in touch! 

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