The Perks of Electronic Pink Slips

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The Perks of Electronic Pink Slips
The news is in – the Ontario government has made it legal to use electronic pink slips in placement of the traditional paper option!

The New Regulation

People have been begging the Ontario government to let them go paperless with their insurance documents. Canadians want to have their insurance information right at their finger tips.

Earlier this year, the government commissioned a poll of Ontarians about ways to make auto insurance more accessible, more affordable and more convenient. 51,000 people provided comments, including 68% who said that they believe insurers needed to provide them with more options in terms of online and digital tools.

The regulation change is effective immediately (September 2019), so go ahead and toss that paper! Any officer of the law or employee of the MTO are legally required to accept a valid digital pink slip in the same circumstances they would accept a paper one. However, drivers are responsible for making sure that they are able to display proof of insurance, regardless of their phone being dead or their screen being damaged. Okay, maybe keep the paper copy handy just in case but it's no longer your only option!

How do you access an electronic pink slip?

Much like your online banking application, we offer an app and desktop option where clients can access everything from their policy documents and pink slips, to after-hours claims support and 24/7 broker access.

McConville Omni clients have access to all this and more through the McConville Omni Client Portal, which can be accessed online at or by downloading the McConville Omni App from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store (available to our customers since 2017!). Through the Client Portal, you can access your e-pink slips for any active auto policy that we have on file. You can access the digital file, or print them yourself to always have an option handy!

Because your broker works for you and not the insurance company, there might come a time where your rates or coverage is better with another insurance company and we work with you to move your policy. Through the Client Portal, your policy documents and e-pink slips update automatically, without changing the format or functionality that you’re used to! Another handy tool is that the e-pink slips update automatically at your renewal date, so that you always have up-to-date documentation.

Keeping your information secure  

While privacy concerns are always top of mind, and are what has held up the implementation of electronic pink slips, we've got you covered. A screen-locking option is available when you need to pass your phone to a police or MTO officer. This will protect your personal belongings that are stored on your phone, from being accessed by anyone who is viewing your slips. 

Additionally, pink slips are legal documents, and they are created and issued by an insurance company. By allowing electronic versions, we suspect that it will reduce the frequency of fraudulent insurance slips shown to police officers. 

Why go paperless?

We have enough paper in our lives. Between the bills we hate getting and the flyers we automatically recycle, we don’t need anything else to keep track of coming through the mail. Having your e-pink slips ensures that you always have the right, up-to-date documents.

Being able to provide you your documents electronically is not an option, it’s a necessity. At McConville Omni, it’s your policy, your way. Always!  

Check out the McConville Omni Client Portal to view your policy documents and electronic pink slips! 

Client Portal

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