Raising Money in the Rain with the Heart and Stroke Big Bike Ride

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Raising Money in the Rain with the Heart and Stroke Big Bike Ride

For the second year in a row, McConville Omni rode the Big Bike through downtown London in support of the Heart and Stroke Foundation. Despite rainy conditions, our team completed the heart-pumping 20-minute ride in good spirits and raised $2,830.

Building Big Hearts on a Big Bike 

It takes many hands (and feet) to make light work! The Big Bike Ride is a heart-pumping fundraising event where each member of the team must work together to ride a giant bicycle through the downtown core of London.

For a full 20 minutes, the McConville Omni team powered down the streets as one unit, hearts beating throughout this event in support of critical heart disease and stroke research. Police escorts and event drivers ensured everyone's safety. 

As in previous years, the event was a rainy experience for our team. We suited up in waterproof ponchos and boots and braved the elements on the first day of the riding season.

It was so much fun bringing awareness to the Heart and Stroke Foundation by having all eyes on us during our rainy ride. People on the street, cars on Richmond Street and even construction workers up in buildings were cheering for us as we peddled through downtown.

We are proud to have raised $2,830! This total exceeds our initial fundraising goal of $2,000.

  • It's wonderful that the entire McConville Omni team rallies around local community events. The annual Big Bike ride is an important event for me personally, as I know many people who have been impacted by heart disease and stroke. I can't wait for next year's event!
    - Kate Gruetzner, Customer Experience Lead

Celebrating the Ride's Biggest Supporters

We could not have done this without the supporters of our team's top fundraiser, Kate Gruetzner, as well as a $1,000 donation from Economical Insurance. Kate’s friends and family helped her to raise over $800.00, making her our team’s top fundraiser for the second year in a row! We want to thank both Economical Insurance and all of our team’s supporters for helping us to contribute to this important cause.

By supporting McConville Omni’s ride on the Big Bike, each member of our community helps us to build towards the Heart and Stroke Foundation’s vision: healthy lives free of heart disease and stroke. We hope to see you again in downtown London for next year's Big Bike event!



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