Combating hunger with the London Food Bank and St. Thomas Elgin Food Bank

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Combating hunger with the London Food Bank and St. Thomas Elgin Food Bank

During "No Hunger November", McConville Omni raised 950 lbs of food and garnered a $2,000 donation for the London Food Bank and St. Thomas Elgin Food Bank. These resources support the community during the low-donation period between Christmas and Easter.

About London Food Bank and St. Thomas Elgin Food Bank

In London and St. Thomas, the food banks act as essential community resources for those in need. Both are non-profit, charitable organizations with a mission to connect caring community members to individuals and families without adequate food resources.  Each month, eligible recipients are supported with a supply of food and personal hygiene items. These services are delivered in cooperation with other food programs in the region. 

An incredible amount of resources are required to serve those in need. Objectives for both organizations include accepting donations, inspecting and storing these items, and coordinating with other groups and agencies. These food banks help to address the complex problem of poverty in Canada. 

McConville Omni's Support

For two weeks in November 2018, teams from McConville Omni's London and St. Thomas branches participated in the "No Hunger November" food drive. There was an overwhelming response to this campaign! Teams collected a combined 950 lbs of food and $100 in grocery gift cards. These 1,371 individual items included almost 100 feminine hygiene products, 30 containers of peanut butter, and 892 containers of baby food! 

Donated items were delivered with the kind support of Bayfield Moving. Thank you for your assistance in this important delivery!

We were honoured and humbled to have the additional support of $2,000 from The Gore Mutual Insurance Company Foundation. The foundation supports initiatives that are youth, community or safety oriented, with the aim of creating stronger communities across Canada. This funding will help to purchase much-needed supplies and fresh fruits, vegetables, meats, and breads for those who use the food bank's service. Pictured above are Page Forron, Operations and Marketing Specialist, along with Steve Cox, Commercial Account Manager, accepting this donation from Mark Young, Business Development Sales Performance Manager at Gore Mutual.

A heart-felt thank you goes out to Gore Mutual for their continued support and their commitment to bettering the communities we serve. 

  • “People from all over our community go to the London Food Bank for assistance in their time of need. I have been volunteering with the London Food Bank since 2012, as a general sorting and packing volunteer, running my own food drives and collecting donations for special events. Our food banks support so many people who have fallen on hard times. Food is at the very base of who we are and without it, we cannot be strong, contributing members of our society, our workplaces or our families.”
    - Page Forron, Operations and Marketing Manager

  • “Almost 100,000 people are supported by the food bank each year, with almost half using our services over 5 times. They're our neighbours, students, kids, seniors, unemployed, individuals struggling with mental illness, single moms (and dads) with kids, the homeless, and the thousands of working poor. In a very real sense they are us – Londoners.”
    - Glen Pearson, Co-Executive Director of the London Food Bank


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