Helping to Stamp Out Poverty with Oxfam's Stamp Program

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Helping to Stamp Out Poverty with Oxfam's Stamp Program

A little effort through collecting used stamps and envelopes that Oxfam can sell to collectors helps raise much needed funds.

Used Stamps & Envelopes Can Add Up

Believe it... because it's true! Oxfam Canada volunteers raise at least $10,000 annually by sorting and selling stamps to collectors. 

For about 6 months, our receptionist Amanda MacNeil has been saving the salvageable stamps from letters we receive and sending them in to the Stamp Out Poverty program.

In this program, individuals or businesses collect stamps – foreign, Canadian and commemorative – along with the entire envelope if there are clearly identifiable town/village postmarks or registered/special delivery postmarks.

The collected stamps and envelopes are sent to Oxfam Canada who contacts collector networks. 

  • We really appreciate the current Canadian stamps such as you sent – we are very short of these in the electronic era! Thank you to the staff of McConville Omni for supporting this initiative.
    - Bill Woodley, Oxfam Canada Stamp Program Volunteer Co-ordinator

Projects Supported by the Stamp Program

Projects are chosen by the volunteers in the stamp program from among those already approved by Oxfam Canada's Program Committee and Board of Directors. In most cases, the stamp funds are only a small part of the total Oxfam Canada contribution, and many are funded by other organizations and governments as well. In this way the Oxfam Canada funds have a lot of leverage, being matched in some cases by two or more times as much money from other sources.



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