Tips for travelling with your pets

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Tips for travelling with your pets

Some of our most precious possessions – like our pets – need protection beyond insurance. If you're taking your pets travelling, it makes sense to plan ahead to keep them safe.

Taking your furry friends on the road with you can be a lot of fun!

Having your puppy hang his head out the window with a huge grin and a face full of fresh air is a great time. Seeing your kitten snuggled up in the back seat with your sleeping kids can be heartwarming.

Still, there are many risks involved with taking Spot and Fluffy out on a cruise. In order to keep your pets safe and happy, here are some tips for travelling with them.

1. Keep cats in a carrier 

Cats do not always love being in the car as much as you or your dog might. They could also use any open door as an opportunity to take off and go on an adventure. To keep your cats calm and safe, keep them in their carrier for the trip. 

2. Travel with an all-weather blanket

This is important for both you and your pets. If you find yourself stranded on the side of the road, you could be out there for hours. Whether it be extreme cold and snow or extreme heat and sun, having an all-weather blanket will help protect everyone from the elements.

3. Have extra water and pet food on board

Being stranded somewhere without food and water could leave you in a dire situation. Traveling with a little extra food will help ensure that you and your furry friends are able to safely and comfortably wait for help.

4. Always travel with an extra leash

You never know when a leash could break or get lost, and if you need to stop for any bathrooms breaks a leash will be a must. Stash it in the glove compartment where it will be out of the way but easy to grab if you need it!

5. Secure your dog while they’re looking out the window

It may sound silly, but dogs have flown out the window and been severely hurt or worse. Using a dog-safe seat belt or not keeping the window all the way down will help to keep them on the inside of the car with their tails wagging.

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