How do I know if my kid's sports equipment is insured?

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How do I know if my kid's sports equipment is insured?

There's no question about it... sports equipment can be expensive. So it make sense to know that it's covered properly under your home insurance policy.

The Added Cost of Extracurricular Activities Adds Up

Having your kids get into sports is great! They get to make new friends, be active, and have a ton of fun. Still, there are added costs to these extracurricular activities, and every parent knows how fast they can add up.

Even worse, you could spend all of this money on their hockey gear, baseball gear, or football gear just for it to be stolen.

Whichever sport your kids may be involved in, the equipment does not come cheap and may be a target for thieves. That is why it can be a good idea to have this equipment insured.

Check Out Your Home Policy To See If You're Covered

If you are looking into having your kids sports equipment insured, you may think it is covered under your home policy. And it may be!

However, you may come to find that is actually not fully covered due to special limits.

Instead you can 'schedule' the equipment. By scheduling the equipment, it will essentially have its own policy attached to your home insurance policy with no deductible. If it is only covered under the home policy you would have to pay a deductible in order to have the equipment replaced.

So, if you are an Ontario parent who has purchased pricey sports equipment and you are worried may be damaged or stolen, we recommend looking into scheduling these items.


Talk to your broker for more information and see if scheduling your kid’s sports equipment is the right choice for you.
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